Too Stupid to Live (Romancelandia, #1; Whitetail Rock, #3) - Anne Tenino 4 to 4.5 stars. Romance novel addict Sam is a grad student who has finally decided that he is done settling for Mr. Wrong and is ready to find Mr. Right. When he meets his "perfect Highlander" Ian he takes a chance, asks him out, but Ian rejects him telling Sam he is not his type. When the 2 meet at a party Sam decides that there would be nothing wrong with a one night hook up knowing that's all it would be, not realizing that since their first meeting Ian hasn't been able to stop thinking about Sam.

Sam uses his knowledge of romance novel plotting to guide the growing relationship, while Ian makes frequent use of his therapy sessions to learn how a relationship works. The book is funny, and sweet with a lot of sex and a little kink, and just enough emotional moments. The 2 free Whitetail stories on the authors website that concentrate on two of the secondary characters are not necessary to the reading of this book.

This was my first [a:Anne Tenino|4831235|Anne Tenino|] story, but will not be my last.