The Silver Star - Jeannette Walls This was a quick read with underlying tones similar to [b:The Glass Castle|7445|The Glass Castle|Jeannette Walls||2944133] (which is on my favorites list), but ultimately did not pack the emotional punch of that book.

The story revolves around sisters Jean/Bean (13) and Liz (15) as they struggle with a flighty mother who leaves them alone while "pursuing her career" (which seems to be pretty non-existant) or when she needs time for herself. During one such time, the local shopkeeper calls the police to the house so the sisters flee California to their uncle's home in Virginia. While they manage to find family willing to care for them, they both get jobs with the mill foreman, Maddox, working at his home for him and his wife. Unfortunately, Maddox is not a good man and trouble arises.

Ms. Walls is obviously no stranger to the plight of children left to fend for themselves when their parents fail to or are unable to take responsibility. This book, however, didn't really pull any emotion from me (unlike The Glass Castle). It was a fairly predictable storyline with mostly one-dimensional characters. Not a bad read, likely to be popular with book clubs, but not Ms. Walls' best.