Tag Team

Tag Team - S.J.D. Peterson

I love Jo Peterson's books. She is an auto-buy for me. Her characters are always well drawn, the sex is hot and she manages to put emotion into her stories. There is no question that there is a lot of emotion to be found in Tag Team. All of the characters have suffered loss and need to deal with grief. Mason's grief just tore me apart inside.

The blurb pretty much tells you what the story is about. While there is an air of BDSM all around, that is not really what this book is about. There is minimal sex and nothing more hard core than a spanking. It is a book about grief, and healing and I found that aspect well done. Bobby and Rig throw themselves into caring for Mason, after they find him passed out next to a suicide note. Rig and Bobby have first hand knowledge of what he is feeling, having lost their only sub 7 years prior in a car accident. They bring in their friend Max (who was briefly introduced in Pup) who is both a Dom and a therapist, and he works with Mason throughout the book. 

Bobby and Rig quickly realize that they both are falling for Mason and would love to have him as a submissive, while knowing that it may never happen. There is a slow build to any romantic/sexual relationship. Unfortunately, for most of the book I felt as if Mason was only substituting them for the Doms he lost out of convenience. It wasn't until most of the way through the story that I really felt the attraction.

One thing that I felt was missing was that the aspects of Rig and Bobby as Doms that were described in Pup were nowhere to be found in Tag Team. In Pup, they are described not only loyal and loving (which was quite apparent here), but as set in their ways and into hard core kinks "humiliation, piss play and complete unquestioning slave-type submission." Although Bobby thinks about the fact that they wouldn't be able to or want to change who and what they are, this aspect of what they would require from Mason never comes up. I also felt that there were a few parts of the story that I would have liked to see played out on the page, rather than just referred to in passing (view spoiler).

Even though it wasn't fully what I expected, I enjoyed Tag Team and will definitely continue with the series. I am completely intrigued by Max and am excited for his story especially now knowing who his new boy Aiden is. (view spoiler)