At Piper's Point

At Piper's Point - Ethan Day

While I enjoyed this book and the story overall, I had a tough time engaging with Cassidy and Nate as a couple. Ethan Day's writing style, however was engaging and fully of wit. I enjoyed the story of Cassidy's mourning his grandmother and trying to come to terms with the way he has been living his life and what he should be doing to move forward. This was my first book by Ethan Day, but I look forward to reading more.

All of the characters had clearly written personalities and all of them engage with a different aspect of Cassidy's personality. Some of the highlights of the book were when all of the men were just hanging out with each other (I could probably read a whole book of them just hanging out). The flashbacks to the summers Cassidy spent with his grandmother and the profound effect she had on his life were heartfelt and touching. The flashbacks were also the most engaging parts of the story of Nate and Cassidy. 

What I needed and didn't get, though, was a good picture of the current relationship between Nate and Cassidy. There was a long separation between the last time they were together as teenagers and Cassidy's return to the island. If the two hadn't run into each other there again, I don't think one would have ever sought out the other, yet neither of them was able to truly move on and be in a real relationship with anyone else. With this much between them, there was actually very little time spent with them working things out. You could feel the love between them, but at times it felt almost a brotherly love (not in an icky sense) of two men who had grown up together. Other than this feeling that something was missing there, the book was an enjoyable read.