In Pieces

In Pieces (Firsts and Forever, #3) - Alexa Land

This third book in the Firsts & Forever series focuses on Christopher Robin/Austin, who had a fairly large role in the second book All In. As in the previous books, there is instant attraction, lots of hot sex, lots of laughs (did someone say bacon flavored lube) and twists and turns you may not see coming. These books are basically light and fun, but Christopher's story is a lot more emotional than the others. 

There are appearances by Jamie and Dmitri, Charlie and Dante and best of all Nana is back taking care of all her "gay homosexual" boys in a way only Nana can. There is also Hunter, Christopher's new friend and model, who will be the subject of the next book. Hunter was a fantastic secondary character and I can't wait to see more of his story.

We learn a lot about Christopher and how he became a prostitute and why he is so stubborn about accepting help from his friends. If you liked him in the last book you will fall in love with him in this book. He and Kieran make such a good, balanced couple as they work their way through what was supposed to be 48 hours of no strings attached fun, but quickly becomes more than the men ever expected. I love the way the two men actually talk to each other and get their issues out in the open. 

I'm not going to give away any plot, but will mention that there are some story lines that remained unfinished at the end of this book (not a cliff hanger or abrupt ending) that will likely be continued in Hunter's book.