3 by Jacob Z. Flores

3 - Jacob Z. Flores

3 was definitely not what I expected. It is not as much the story of a trio as it is a heartbreaking study of relationships torn apart in order to be rebuilt in ways the characters had not expected. 

The story is told in alternating flashbacks and present time, with alternating points of view. It starts with Spencer and Justin, together 10 years and just getting over a rough patch and rebuilding their relationship. Justin receives a call that Dutch has been seriously injured in an accident and keeps calling out for him. This sets off a story filled with love, lies, secrets and manipulation. Both men have some history with Dutch, much of it unknown to the other. 

It is often times difficult to read, there is so much hurt and pain for all three men involved. While it all may be headed for some sort of happy ending, it will not be quick to get there. 

Jacob Flores really has a gift for writing, although this particular story can get a bit wordy and descriptive at times. Not a story for everyone, especially if you are picking it up for some hot three way action. For those readers where cheating is a deal breaker in a book, forget this story. If you want an emotional roller coaster of a read with a lot of heartache, drama and conflict this one might be for you.