Fall Hard

Fall Hard - J.L. Merrow

I enjoyed the leisurely pacing of Fall Hard, a story where the romance took a back seat to the story of Paul trying to get back to his life researching and teaching in Iceland one year after the accident that took both the life of his lover Sven and all memory of his prior year in that country. 

The descriptions of Iceland and the saga Paul was studying were very well done. As bits and pieces of Paul's prior year in Iceland come out, I did get frustrated with the character not really taking more of an active role in finding out about the missing pieces of what he did, who his friends were (especially his prior relationship to Viggo) and the events surrounding the accident. The narrative did keep me reading and wondering about his connections to the other characters in the book. 

This was an engaging read with some steamy love scenes and a well rounded storyline. I am also now quite intrigued with the saga of Egil and will be reading up on that soon.