The Flesh Cartel #11

The Flesh Cartel #11: Permanent Record (The Flesh Cartel Season 4: Liberation) - Heidi Belleau, Rachel Haimowitz

This volume is basically a transitional part. Mat and Dougie are being prepared to be taken to Allen's house of horrors. After the brutal abuse in the previous part, this one takes a look mostly at the mindset of the brothers and introduces Nate, an FBI agent who has had his eye on Mat as a fighter and is now investigating their disappearance.

It is more of the same with robo-Dougie, hating Mat, loving his Master and preparing to be the bestest slave ever for Allen so he can return to Nikolai and Roger as soon as possible. Mat is doing his best to cope, allowing himself to feel some hatred towards what Dougie has become, yet still blaming himself and plotting to do what it takes to save Dougie. And is that Nikolai offering Mat some actual helpful advice and feeling some sympathy? Probably, but only to make sure his arrangement with Allen to get Dougie back in one piece goes smoothly. Roger is harder for me to hate. It is hard to remember that many years ago he likely was in the same situation as Dougie, but I think he really is sincere in his attempts to comfort Mat. (Is it too much to hope that Dougie and Roger are together in a HEA that does not include Nikolai?)

So the boys are off to their new prison, which promises to be more horrifying than Nikolai's. Unknown to the boys there is a glimmer of hope out there and maybe Mat will be able to get some psycho blood on his hands soon. I can't wait.