Dark Horse

Dark Horse  - Kate Sherwood

While I enjoyed this book it is one of the more frustrating books I've read. I really do want to see this threesome play out and will be moving on to the next book and shorts. So many reviews have covered plot so this is just my reactions. 

This book is all about Dan. Dan's loss is substantial, he wasn't treated fairly and his head is a mess which is all understandable. For the majority of the story Dan comes off very passive and wishy-washy, but towards the end he exhibits an aggressive more mature side that seemingly comes out of nowhere. We get hints at his not great past, but are not really given much information until the last quarter of the book. While I spent hundreds of pages in Dan's head, I felt I really didn't know him.

Another issue I had was understanding the instant attraction Jeff had with him and it's extreme impact on his relationship with Evan. Their relationship is so vague (I understand they love each other but can sleep around but apparently there are qualifications there as well) I really still don't understand it or how adding Dan in is beneficial other than they are both interested in him. It seemed more of a developing triangle than an actual triad until the very last conversation. Even then I wasn't so sure since now Jeff seems to have doubts.

I know this is a trilogy interspersed with a number of shorts, but for such a long first book, I don't feel I know the characters very well. The three men don't even have an actual informative conversation with each other until the last 10 percent of the story.

Looking at this it sounds like I didn't like the book, but I did. I am hoping that the next book really gets right into the relationship and gives me more about these three men. The chemistry is there and I really want to see it develop.