Out of the Darkness (Dark Horse 2)

Out of the Darkness (Dark Horse, #2) - Kate Sherwood

I really like these guys, but sometimes I feel like I'm watching a dog chase its tail. Finally towards the end these guys are making some headway and in the epilogue it seems like they have a fighting chance of making all this work.

Evan needs to work on not acting on every jealous impulse, Dan needs to work on talking to the others and Jeff needs a very nice reward for dealing with these two. These guys have so much chemistry and really are fun to listen to once they get going. I am hoping to see a lot more of the three of them together in the next book. 

I enjoyed all the secondary characters, especially when Evan's friends brought Dan out of his self-pitying shell. Chris is also a welcome visitor in this one and could add another interesting dynamic going forward. 

Looking forward to seeing this all work out for a HEA in the next book.