Shock & Awe

Shock & Awe - Abigail Roux

Fair warning: If you haven't read Touch & Geaux, (1) what are you waiting for? and (2) this book and the review are going to be spoilery. That being said, Nick & Kelly are not Ty & Zane. Nick & Kelly are dirty hot together and I loved every moment of it. I know there are the Nick haters out there (I was once one of them), but this book may just turn you around. 

If you haven't read the Cut & Run series, I'm not sure how this book would work for you since it just dives right in to Nick going home with Kelly to help him recover after he is discharged from the hospital in New Orleans. The story runs parallel to the end of T&G and there is not a lot of build up before Kelly gets down to business with Nick. We already know their history as brothers in arms and friends and we know that these two men love each other. Kelly now wonders if maybe that love, and Nick's newly admitted bi-sexuality, might work for them on a whole other level. It doesn't take long for Kelly to talk Nick into a kiss and things get hot and heavy from there. Both are aware that there are risks, and they discuss that as well. They are open and honest with each other and that works wonders for them and for me as a reader.

The book is broken up into two shorter stories, the first takes us up to the re-deployment of Sidewinder as mentioned at the end of T&G and the the second, Bait & Switch, during a 48 hour leave for Nick during that assignment. There are cameos from the rest of Sidewinder, including Ty and Zane, but the focus is Nick and Kelly.

As usual there are moments that made me laugh out loud and those that had me in tears. The sex scenes are incredibly hot, and the two men each have some kinks that the other one seems to appreciate, but you can really feel the love between these two. 

Finally, if you don't follow Abi Roux, you may not know that she was planning a story about Nick where he would be with Aiden, the fireman he talks about. After fan reaction alerted her to the chemistry between Nick and Kelly in Touch & Geaux, Abi revisited their scenes and agreed that although unintended, it was definitely there and eventually altered her plans. I can only hope those plans include much more Nick and Kelly in the future.