Being Chase

Being Chase - J.J. Scotts 3.5 stars

This short book is a promising start to a new serial.

When Liam is hired to be the public face of the reclusive author of a popular YA/NA book series, he knows very little about what he is getting into. All his other jobs have been manual labor in the midwest and having been in NYC for a month, his financial situation is getting desperate. He is quickly moved into the author's home, given instructions and background and meets the man himself.

Chase Preston is a few years younger than Liam, wealthy, good looking, arrogant and intimidating. The two have very little interaction with each other, Chase spending the days locked away writing, while Liam tries to learn enough to be Chase at an awards dinner in one weeks time. When the mysterious and sexy Chase comes on to him after a night out, Liam is left wondering what kind of game he is playing.

The story here is mostly a set up for the continuation of the serial, but was intriguing enough to make me want to continue with it. It is told from Liam's POV and Chase remains a mystery other than the little information provided by his publicists and younger brother. The few times Chase and Liam were together were filled with tension. Although Liam is older, he is more naive and intimidated by the younger, dominating Chase. Sometimes the writing got overly descriptive, but the story moved along at a good pace and left me wanting to know more.

ARC provided by the author for an honest review.