Grime Doesn’t Pay (The Brothers Grime #2)

Grime Doesn’t Pay (The Brothers Grime #2) - Z.A. Maxfield This is another winner from Z.A. Maxfield. Although it didn't have the intensity of the first book, [b:Jack: Grime and Punishment|20528263|Jack Grime and Punishment|Z.A. Maxfield||25007963] I did enjoy the story of Eddie and Andrew.

The two men are outwardly very different, but their chemistry was very good, especially the surprising dynamics in the bedroom. Both men have personal and family issues that are easy to relate to and those come to a head when Andrew is forced to face his father's illness.

While there is insta-love, considering the book takes place of a period of a couple weeks, it didn't feel forced or unbelievable to me. While this book easily works as a standalone, there are appearances from Jack and Ryan and the rest of the Grime crew, and one underlying storyline that will likely make a great book in the future.