Gathering Storm (Firsts and Forever, #4)

Gathering Storm (Firsts and Forever, #4) - Alexa Land I am completely addicted to this series, and Hunter's story does not disappoint. Although the author gives enough information to read this as a standalone, I would suggest you at least read [b:In Pieces|18162070|In Pieces (Firsts and Forever, #3)|Alexa Land||25523342] where Hunter and the main storyline are both introduced. Alexa Land does a good job starting off these books with several potential love interests and I am not going to give away who Hunter's eventual romantic interest is in this review since it is not even mentioned in the story blurb, but I will say that I absolutely fell in love with this couple.

The story basically picks up where In Pieces ended, but gay porn star Hunter's stalker is now growing more aggressive and dangerous. Luckily for Hunter he has Christopher and Kieran, Nana and the extended Nolan and Dombruso families to help him out. There are also a few new characters thrown into the mix, including Hunter's ex. This story has all the humor, sex and underlying emotion that I have come to expect from these books. There is also a surprising twist to the storyline that I was not expecting. In addition to dealing with his stalker, Hunter also starts to question his future and whether he really wants to continue working in porn as his contract is about to run out.

The end of the book sets up the potential pairing for the next story and I am definitely looking forward to it. I definitely recommend this series for anyone looking for a fun, sexy read.