When Love Gets Hairy

When Love Gets Hairy - Jacob Z. Flores When we met fashion model Nino as Van's best friend and roommate in [b:When Love Takes Over|18248789|When Love Takes Over|Jacob Z. Flores|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1375031667s/18248789.jpg|25701800] he seemed to be nothing more than fun loving, twink chasing, manwhore. When we first meet him again in this book, it seems we will get more of the same as he wake up horrified to find himself in bed with a bear of a man, he obviously had sex with, but can't remember. We hear his inner monologue as he looks on in disgust at the hairy man whose body falls well below Nino's exacting standards. When Teddy wakes up to find Nino staring at him he writes him off as plastic and goes on his merry way. Teddy also has no idea how he woke up with the hot bodied Nino since he only hooks up with bears.

Of course Bear Week in P-Town is Nino's least favorite time of the year. Instead of hiding out in his apartment however, he finds himself somehow making friends with Jay, the biggest hairiest bear of all, and unable to escape running into Teddy. Soon their hate at first sight begrudgingly becomes something of a friendship. Nino has been struggling personally and professionally recently, and some old wounds are being reopened. Teddy is unable to commit to a relationship, still hung up on the man that walked out on him a decade before. As Nino begins accepting the bearish men as (gasp!) real people, he also begins to accept that maybe he needs to lower the walls he's built to protect himself and look at his life and future in a way he never expected.

This book had a very different feel from the first book. There was a slow development of a friendship between Nino and Teddy as the men find they had more in common than they could have ever expected. When Nino finally remembers what led up to that first night together, he becomes determined to show Teddy that he is not the shallow "plastic" of Teddy's first impression and only hopes he is not too late. As always, Jacob Flores' writing easily combines humor with deeper underlying emotion that really warms you to the characters, flaws and all.

We get to catch up with Van and Zach, Gary and Quinn and are introduced to some wonderful new secondary characters such as Jay. I have to admit that Teddy's fag hag friend Irene was a bit hard for me to warm to (and never really won me over) but since she had the same effect on the men in the book I'll assume that was to be expected. If you haven't read the first book, you can easily pick this one up as a standalone. I'm definitely looking forward to the next story in the series.