Texas Pride

Texas Pride - Kindle Alexander I got exactly what I was expecting from this book. A classic romance (some reviews have even said it felt like m/f and I tend to agree) where the closeted actor, Austin, frustrated with his Hollywood existence, leaves the limelight and secludes himself in the town he grew up in. Closeted rancher Kitt, sold part of his land not knowing it was going to Austin. Kitt remembers Austin as his HS crush, a senior to his freshman, who he has continued to fantasize about over the years. The two meet and eventually discover that their attraction is mutual. Of course, just sex grows into more as they find they have more than their closets in common and this leads to a number of obstacles as they come to terms with their growing relationship.

There is nothing that you haven't read in hundreds of romance books before, but I enjoyed both characters and the romance was very hot. This was a nice long read (which I like) that had a little bit of everything from humor to angst and kept me interested the whole way through.