Acts of Faith (Cost of Repairs #4)

Acts of Faith (Cost of Repairs #4) - A.M. Arthur The continuation of Sam and Rey's story from Book 1, [b:Cost of Repairs|16072627|Cost of Repairs|A.M. Arthur||19130502], picks up the story about 18 months into their relationship. I have not read books 2 and 3, which revolve around different couples, and it was not a problem.

Where it appear that the relationship has grown even stronger since the events of the first book, Sam and Rey fall back into old behaviors when several big changes occur at once. The book is well written and the characters remain true to themselves. While I don't always enjoy storylines that revolve around miscommunications and failure to talk, based on the history of the characters and the huge and quick nature of the changes in their lives, it is a natural and almost expected coping mechanism.

My concern when I finished the first story is that much was left unaddressed. This felt like a good wrap up for these characters, and it appears that the series will continue with Rey's new business partner David, as his story was left unfinished.