Collide (Blackcreek Series, #1)

Collide (Blackcreek Series, #1) - Riley Hart This was a well done GFY/friends to lovers story. While the storyline doesn't cover new territory, I found myself drawn in and enjoying it from the beginning.

Noah and Cooper were childhood friends for three years before Noah's family moved without a word. After not hearing from each other for 17 years, Noah moves back to town. Cooper literally runs into Noah that first day and offers him a room in his house. He is surprised to find out Noah is gay, but is thrilled to have his friend back. Shortly after, Cooper unexpectedly finds himself lusting after Noah. While Noah can't deny his attraction to his straight friend, he really doesn't want to pursue it for a number of reasons. When they stop fighting their attraction and the building sexual tension, things get very hot and a bit more complicated.

There are a number of flashbacks to the time the boys were together as children. The story revolves around past and present family drama, the confusion Cooper feels at his attraction to Noah and the underlying questions of why Noah's family left and why Noah never got in touch with Cooper. The relationship shown in the flashbacks helped to make the GFY angle more appealing to me. I also liked that even though he struggled with his decisions, Cooper was open with Noah and willing to talk about things (although some of the dialogue was a bit cheesy). I enjoyed both main characters as well as the secondary characters of Braden and Wes, who seem poised to be the MC's of the next book. While I found the ending a bit quick, I'm hoping we will get to see more of them in the next story.