Sorting Out

Sorting Out - Silvia Violet I really enjoyed this follow up to [b:Fitting In|17382327|Fitting In|Silvia Violet||24176656]. The men have settled into their relationship and are very solid, but outside issues that were hanging around them in the first book are about to come to a head.

This part of the story is told from Jack's POV. We came to know Jack as the solid voice of reason, always able to express what Gray couldn't in the first book, but inside Jack is not so secure. With Mason back in school, and Gray considering taking the detective's test, Jack is feeling lonely and unsure of where he stands professionally. Jack has not completely dealt with what happened when Mason was held at gunpoint, and is worried about what will happen if he and Gray are no longer partners on the job. Gray also still wants to come out about their relationship as does Mason. Jack is growing frustrated and depressed, and when he is injured and out of work, he withdraws into himself and away from Mason and Gray.

While Jack is struggling, it is clear that the men are still completely in love and devoted to each other. There is still plenty of emotion combined with a lot of hot sex between the three. There are a number of new secondary characters introduced, a few of which seem to be ready for their own story. I enjoyed Jack's realistic struggle, which was emotional, but not overly angsty and I loved where their story ended up. I'm hoping for a book from Gray's POV, but would be satisfied if this installment ended their story.