More Than Everything (Family, #3)

More Than Everything (Family, #3) - Cardeno C. I absolutely adored this book. As with any Cardeno C I've read, it was just the ultimately sweet read I wanted, a good mix of humor, heartbreak and romance.

Charlie/Chase really is the star of this book. Although there are other POV's, his voice really sets the tone. He is unapologetically who he is, a bit flamboyant, snarky and honest. The two great loves in his life ultimately both let him down, but eventually fate brings them all back together again.

Scott, is his first love and although they are both young when their relationship breaks apart, it set the tone for Charlie's lack of a serious relationship for years afterward. When he meets Adan, who appears to be the complete opposite of Scotty and a bit of an ass, he is drawn to him. Adan ultimately uses and treats Charlie like crap and once again Charlie is devastated that he so underestimated someone he loved and trusted.

I enjoyed the device of the story being told through flashbacks to photographs, with an introduction in each chapter setting up the scene. My only real issue was that the majority of the book is spent on Charlie's two separate relationships and I wanted some more time with all three men together.