Personal Changes (Personal #2) - K.C. Wells 4.5 stars

Another wonderful read from K.C. Wells. As with her previous books, I found it so easy to get invested in the characters and root for a happily ever after, while knowing that the men are going to have to work for it.

Personal Changes starts right after the New Year’s Eve events in [b:Making it Personal|18068487|Making it Personal|K.C. Wells||25363816] (although this book can easily be read as a standalone). Now that Blake and Will have gotten engaged, their friend and co-worker Rick is looking for love as well. He has not had much luck with men wanting to stick around and after an intense three way one night stand leaves him feeling empty and sad, he makes a decision. No more casual sex. Rick wants a relationship. He wants to date. He wants someone to love him. He thinks he has found that in Julian, but little does Rick know that there is someone else watching and waiting for him. When things with Julian take an unexpected turn Rick finds Angelo, who just may be the man of his dreams.

Rick and Angelo were both very relatable characters. The two have good chemistry and I enjoyed watching the relationship grow as they date and begin to share their lives with each other. Rick is so sweet in his yearning for love and his desire to change his ways. Angelo’s struggle to live his life for himself while trying to keep the love and respect of his very traditional Italian family was sometimes painful to read, as his family is torn over their reactions to discovering he is gay. Of course Blake and Will are there for Rick, as are the other Trinity Publishing co-workers, who will support him in any way they can, while Angelo finds strong support and words of wisdom from an unexpected source.

This wonderful romance has a little bit of everything: humor, heartbreak, steamy sex scenes, frustrating moments where I wanted to shake someone and even a little Doctor Who. Blake and Will are one of my favorite couples so I was very happy to have them back. This story provided all the emotional ups and downs I have come to expect from Ms. Wells' books and I absolutely recommend it.

I have to say, I enjoyed the little hint at the end as to what may be in store for another member of the Trinity Publishing family, and can only hope that means at least one more installment in the Personal series.

A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.