My favorite of the series so far. Joe and Kabe are solidly together when this one starts. Joe is still on desk duty logging in cold cases, although he is mostly recovered from his accident. Kabe is fully moved in and moving forward with his EMT/fire training while trying to get early release from his probation.

A lot happens in the book. Again, Joe and Kabe balance each other out so well. The BDSM relationship has gotten quite intense and more hard core. After a particular incident though, Joe starts wonder if it has gone too far. More of Kabe's background is revealed and we get to meet Joe's entire family as his parents return from their mission. The mystery in this book is also personal, as Joe looks into the 30 year old drowning death of his sister.

I was glad to finally have more insight into Kabe. His character really came into his own in this story and solidified his place as an equal partner to Joe.

My only real complaint about this one is poor editing. There were a lot of glaring grammatical errors/typos.