Mark Cooper versus America

Mark Cooper versus America - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock 4.5 happy bunny stars

I love it when I see there is a new book from the team of Lisa Henry because I know I'm going to get a great read with darkness and a healthy dose of kink. We've gotten glimpses of their lighter side in The Boy books with Brin and Mr. Zimmerman and in this book the darkness is gone, but the kink remains and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Mark is angry. He's in a new country, a new college and even though it's his 18th birthday he can't buy a beer, so he unleashes his righteous indignation the bartender, Deacon. When Deacon overhears Mark on the phone to his mother however, he realizes that this "angry bunny" is hiding behind his anger and decides to buy him a birthday drink and chat. One thing lead to another and soon Deacon and Mark are getting hot and heavy. With the discovery that they are actually affiliated with rival fraternity houses that couldn't be more different the Romeo and Juliet style story begins.

Underneath the veneer of snark and hot, kinky sex, there is an unexpectedly touching story of Mark trying to find his place in a new situation while dealing with his own insecurities. He is pledging a frat he doesn't want to, is trying to figure out his place in his new extended family, and is desperately in need of some help when it comes to American Literature. Deacon is a few years older, obviously very intelligent and is dealing with his own family issues, an escalating frat war and his growing feelings for Mark. Deacon and Mark are also exploring some kinks neither one knew they had.

I felt for both Deacon and Mark trying to make sense of so many changes at once. I enjoyed the secondary characters, especially Mark's fellow pledge Brandon and his "big bro" Blake. Whether this book truly reflects Greek life, I have no idea since all my knowledge of that comes from the movie Animal House and [a:Anne Tenino|4831235|Anne Tenino|]'s TAG books, but I did enjoy seeing the two vastly different approaches of the two frats involved.

Whether this is the first in a series or a one-off, I'm not sure. I did have some open questions at the end, but I would happily spend more time at Prescott College in the future.