Super Sock Man (Knitting Series)

Super Sock Man (Knitting, #2) - Amy Lane A sweet, fluffy and sexy prequel of sorts to [b:Chase in Shadow|13423284|Chase in Shadow (Johnnies, #1)|Amy Lane||18870311] about how Donny and Yandro got together.

We do get a few glimpses of Chase's struggle to come to terms with his best friend Donny's sexuality and Donny's fears for Chase's self-deception, but this story is really about Donny's coming out and getting together with the guy of his dreams, the manwhore Yandro. Donny is innocent and Yandro a bit jaded and fearing not just a relationship, but one with his roommate's younger brother. It turns out that maybe Donny isn't as naive as he seems and might just be the bit of color Yandro needs in his life.