Sense of Place (Thomas Elkin)

Sense of Place (Thomas Elkin #3) - N.R. Walker Sad to see this series end, but this was a lovely way to go.

Tom and Cooper are still solid as a rock, but now work pressures are beginning to build. Cooper is up and coming and has landed a huge project that is taking a lot of time and is bringing him into direct contact with a man who would love to get Cooper into his bed. Tom understands and accepts Cooper's workload, having been there himself and is completely supportive. Tom's work, however, is becoming less satisfying, especially once he realizes someone may be looking to get rid of him. On top of all this, the two are preparing for a visit from Cooper's family whose acceptance of their relationship is still on shaky ground.

No matter what happens in these books, you know that Tom and Cooper have each other's backs. The chemistry is still there and it's nice to watch the relationship growing stronger without manufactured drama or angst. This book left me with a smile on my face and I will definitely miss not having more of these two.