The Fireman and the Cop (Ellery Mountain)

The Fireman and the Cop - RJ Scott 2.5 to 3 stars

The book seemed to take on too much for such a short story and was unable to focus enough on any one aspect. While I liked the characters, I wasn't invested in the insta-love between the two MC's. I could understand the lust, but they didn't spend enough time together for me to actually get a feel for why they were so taken with each other after such a short amount of time, much of it with one character in the hospital or injured. The story had potential but felt too rushed and was full of sloppy errors that also detracted from the story.

I've read some of the author's other work and enjoyed it. I have one of her longer books waiting on the Kindle and will read it, but not sure if I will continue with this series.