Inside Out

Inside Out - Andrew  Grey 3.5 stars

This turned out to be a light, cute story about two seemingly opposite men falling in love, in this case twink Zach and bearish, ex-merc Bull. I loved Zach's outlook. He had a tough time after he came out, but he has an inner strength and knows what he wants and deserves. He wants love and won't be someone's one night stand.

By all outward appearances Bull is intimidating and gruff, keeping people away with a growl and glare. Bull meets Zach when he is working the door of his club and Zach dissolves into giggles as Bull pats him down. Bull finds himself looking out for Zach the rest of the night. As the two men progress from friends to lovers Bull finds himself opening up to Zach and is soon in a relationship he didn't know he wanted.

I loved the interactions between Zach and Bull. My only real complaint about the story was the quick turnaround by both Bull's mom and the father of Bull's former lover. Otherwise it was a quick, romantic read.