The Boy Who Belonged

The Boy Who Belonged - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock 4.5 stars

Since the first page of the first book I have just wanted to wrap Lane in my arms and stroke his hair and tell him everything will be all right. The story picks up a few months after [b:The Good Boy|17608095|The Good Boy (Boy, #1)|Lisa Henry||24566771]. While Lane is still healing, things are going well with Derek and he is back in school, but he is still struggling with his sense of self worth. Out of the blue, Laura requests a meeting with Lane. While Lane rationally knows where he stands with his parents, and accepts that they will never give him the love and support he wants, he cannot help but hope. When he is face to face with mommy dearest however, Laura can bring him down with just one undermining comment. When she requests Lane's help with her appeal, however, he just can't refuse.

This installment doesn't have the darkness of the first, but it does explore the unpleasant relationship Lane has with his mother. Lane is stronger and more at ease with who he is, but he still struggles. Derek and his friends are there to support him, but while Derek is good for him, he is not perfect. Derek wonders about the true nature of their relationship and worries that he will not be able to be there for Lane as much as Lane needs him. Laura is manipulative and cold and does nothing unless it will benefit her. She has no problem tearing Lane down for her own benefit and it was difficult to watch Lane trying to please her.

I enjoyed this installment just as much as the first and did not want it to end. Lane and Derek are exploring more intense BDSM play and their scenes were hot. Ferg and Brin are back and Brin has turned into Lane's biggest fan. I love the relationship between the two of them. And of course, the story wouldn't be complete without Mr. Z, who is enjoying an extended stay with Lane and Derek. I am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that we will get more of these books, in the meantime I highly recommend them.