The Broken Road Cafe (The Broken Road Cafe #1)

The Broken Road Cafe - T.A. Webb Another winner from Tom Webb. He really has a gift as the writing is simple and straightforward yet manages to convey so many emotions. There is laughter, tears, disgust and hope all intertwined with a mystery that is only beginning to unravel.

I fell in love with Dan in the opening scene. I felt the emotion when Dan is horribly betrayed by his lover and two best friends, the only "family" he has left in the world. I cheered when Dan laced into his partners in disgust and self-preservation, leaving the firm he had worked his ass off at for 10 years, and I was more than happy to watch him try to pick up the pieces and move on.

When Dan decides to purchase a restaurant in a small town outside of Atlanta, he meets a cast of characters and finds a sense of belonging. He also finds the Nick, the closeted chief of police, when he pulls Dan over for speeding on his first visit to town. The two men antagonize each other, but soon that spark heats up and out and proud Dan finds himself wondering if he should even bother with a closet case. Soon it is revealed that the circumstances surrounding Dan's leaving his firm may be connected to other aspects of both his and Nick's lives, putting them and others in danger.

I loved the fact that Dan is emotional yet rational (with a heaping side of snark), thinking through what is really important to him and deciding what he can and cannot forgive. Some of the more emotional scenes are between Dan and Gary, his best friend of over 20 years. While Dan struggles with the betrayal, he also acknowledges his love for his friend and needs to decide whether or not the friendship is worth saving.

Fair warning that this is a first book in a series and the story is not resolved. I, however, cannot wait for the next installment.