He Completes Me (Home Series)

He Completes Me - Cardeno C. There is something about this book that grabbed me, sucked me in and wouldn't let me stop reading. It was sweet, it had a lot of sex, it had snark and there was a least one time where I wanted to smack each and every character.

I loved Zach's voice. He is snarky, and honest with himself (even when he is not being nice) and tells it like it is for the most part. He questions his ability to even maintain a relationship, much less uproot his life as he knows it and move back to the place he ran from as a teen. Then there is Aaron. He falls in love with Zach at first sight, lets himself get used as a doormat and is probably the nicest character in a book ever. There were times where I actually questioned his mental stability. I had a tough time liking Zach's brother and sister-in-law (Aaron's best friends) as I watched them use Aaron, although Dean grew on me in the end.

If you want a sexy, fairytale of a love story with minimal angst and drama and can overlook instalove this is one for you. I know I'll be moving onto the next book when I want something sweet and sexy.

(Although this is a "series" this is the first one I read and it absolutely works as a standalone.)