Double Full (A Nice Guys Series)

Double Full - Kindle Alexander This was my first read by Kindle Alexander and it was just what I was looking for after a few heavy/darker reads.

The story of cheerleader Jace and closeted football player Colt was a good mixture of sappy, sweet, hot sex, angst and soap opera twists. I loved that when Colt finally gets his chance to talk he is straightforward and puts all his feelings on the line. After 4 years of creeper "stalking" Jace through college, Colt finally makes his move. Their first encounter leads Colt to take Jace away for spring break. The two make plans for a future together that are quickly and brutally dashed by Colt's asshole father and his equally horrible agent. At 21 and on the verge of being drafted by the NFL Colt is easily manipulated by the people in his life and in the interest of keeping Jace safe, he cuts all ties.

Flash forward 10 years and Jace is a successful cheer coach, while Colt has achieved NFL stardom. Jace is still haunted by his time with Colt and pours everything into his work. Colt is a superstar quarterback who spends all his time off the field drunk and depressed. His life is spiraling out of control. A moment of clarity leads Colt to a plan to clean up his act, but there are still those around him trying to control and manipulate him. He finally gets the nerve to try to reconcile with Jace, but will Jace even give him the chance to make peace?

I always enjoy second chance love stories and this was no exception. I loved that when these two were together, there were no games. For the most part they talked honestly and made their feelings clear. All the drama was instigated by others who had influence over the men. There is a bit of a mystery that arises toward the end of the book which is left hanging, not really a cliff hanger as much as a set up for the next book. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more by Ms. Alexander.