Biochemistry - Andrew  Grey 3.5 stars

This second book in the Chemistry series can easily be read as a standalone although Coach Josh from [b:Organic Chemistry|17698041|Organic Chemistry (Chemistry #1)|Andrew Grey||24740194] has a large supporting role in this book. Biochemistry reads more like a new adult story as the MC's are both juniors at Dickinson college and face the typical closeted jock falls for out nerd romance issues.

I really liked Kurt in this book. Yes he is the stereotypical out college nerd in many aspects, but in no way is he a doormat. Although his first few interactions with football star Freddie were somewhat intimidating, Kurt refuses to play his games. Freddie's issues go a bit deeper than just what will the guys on the team think and, of course, that leads to a rocky road between the two men.

A quick read with just a bit of angst and sex. If you enjoy college jock/nerd romances, I recommend this one.