Cost of Repairs (Cost of Repairs, #1)

Cost of Repairs (Cost of Repairs, #1) - A.M. Arthur 3.5 stars

This was a good read with a bit of angst and a lot of drama between two men with some very heavy baggage.

Sam is the new beat cop in the small town where Rey is a cook at the local diner. The two meet when Sam is called to the diner while on duty. They are seemingly opposites but do manage to strike up a friends with benefits relationship. It is soon clear that Rey's life has been spiraling out of control over the past few years, and he is barely getting by. Sam has moved across the country to escape the horriffic events of his past and continue to heal from his losses.

The two men make an unlikely couple, combine that with their past problems and unwillingness to burden the other, there are misunderstandings and mistrust that the two need to get over if their friendship stands any chance of turning into more.

There were a number of well drawn secondary characters that play a large part in their lives. There are also a number of serious issues that are brought up and while some of them are resolved, I felt that one in particular was left hanging that leaves me wondering if it will be addressed in one of the other books in the series. Overall it was a well written book that kept me reading and wanting to continue with the next book.