This was a good follow up to [b:Hard Fall|6305167|Hard Fall (Deputy Joe, #1)|James Buchanan||6580576] and continues the story of Joe and Kabe approximately 3 months after the end of the first book.

Their relationship continues to intensify, as do the consequences of Deputy Joe becoming involved with Kabe, who is currently on probation. Joe is looking at further disciplinary proceedings which could wind up costing him his job and Kabe is settling in to his life in Utah. They know that being together is not going to be easy and Joe, who has never been in a relationship, really struggles. The pain play and D/s nature of their relationship ramps up a bit in this book as well.

The mystery is more a part of this book than it was in the first one, but the main focus is really on Joe and Kabe trying to move the relationship forward while dealing with the serious outside factors that affect it.

I'd love to see the next book focus a bit more on Kabe. So far we have a good grasp on Joe, but only fleeting knowledge of where Kabe is coming from. He is such a fresh, fun character and I would really like to get to know him better.