Galley Proof

Galley Proof - Eric Arvin This was my first read of an Eric Arvin book, although I've had a few sitting on my Kindle. I enjoyed the writing style and quirky characters. This was a different read than the typical romance. More fiction with a romance storyline included.

It is basically the story of Logan, a moderately successful writer, set in his ways and routines, getting shaken up and setting out to do something different. A character in the book actually asks Logan if it is his "Eat Gay Love" journey (although I didn't make it through 70 pages of that book so I'm not sure how much it parallels that story line) as he escapes to Europe to find inspiration to overcome his writers block.

I've seen other reviewers mentions cheating/open relationship, but I saw none of that in this book. I agree that the style of writing did change from wacky rom-com to more introspective from the first to the second part, but so did Logan and it really didn't bother me. Overall it was a intelligent, light, quick read, with interesting and quirky secondary characters.