Take My Picture

Take My Picture - Giselle Ellis 4.5 stars

This book was close to perfect for me. I absolutely loved the two MC's Jake, the neurotic photographer and Aaron his snarky, overly energetic "assistant" and the almost co-dependent relationship they formed with each other over five years of working together. The conversations were fun and the way they interacted was beyond sweet. Then, just when I thought things were perfect, the author punched me in the heart. I wasn't expecting to be hit with such an emotional story.

I loved Alyson, the ever suffering friend and assistant who does all she can to make Aaron and Jake open their eyes and see what was before them. Matt, however, was just a little too perfect for me. While it was hard to believe that one of them wouldn't have just kissed the other before things came to a head, I could easily set that aside and enjoy the ride. This book grabbed me from page one and made me devour it. Highly recommended.