Training Season

Training Season - Leta Blake There were just so many good things about this book and there have been so many good reviews with recaps, this will just be a short list of what worked for me.

I have to begin with Matty. I loved his unapologetic flamboyance even in the face of Montana manly men and even in light of the fact that he was considered "too gay" by the judges that hold his figure skating success in their hands . His dedication to a sport that seems to smack him down at every turn and to his family, causes him to have to make some choices that he is not sure are right and even hurt those who love him most. However, as self-assured as he is on the outside, there is something that is holding him back.

Rob is almost too good to be true. He loves Matty for who he is even if it is bound to cause him unimaginable heartache. He knows what Matty wants and what Matty needs and is willing to give it to him. When the two men are together either in or out of bed they really are perfect for each other. The sex is very hot and the BDSM aspects were well integrated into the story.

The secondary characters were all outstanding. Matty and Rob's friends and families are supportive and honest and add some humor. This book brought out so many emotions. There was laughter and tears, happiness and heartache. There is a HEA but it is not quick or easy and when I started reading I did not want to stop.