The family we're born with

The Family We're Born With - Kaje Harper Thank you to [a:Kaje Harper|4769304|Kaje Harper|] for this lovely holiday treat.

Jesse gets an unpleasant request from his mother the day before Christmas Eve when his mother requests his partner of four years, Devin, not come to the house on Christmas Eve. Not only has Devin always been welcome, but he has already traveled from Pennsylvania to Minnesota with Jesse. While Jesse's mother has her reasons, Jesse is unimpressed. This is just part of the family turmoil in this short novella.

The reactions to this request from the extended family were interesting and not always what was expected. Kaje Harper explores this drama from several points of view and while there are serious issues at stake, she manages not to make the story too heavy, especially when the focus is on the love between Jesse and Devin.

Looking at the subtitle, Finding Family #1, I'm hopeful that there will be a continuation, since there is so much more to explore.