Salvation (Firsts and Forever, #5)

Salvation (Firsts and Forever, #5) - Alexa Land This book had everything I have come to expect from this fun, sometimes outlandish, series. Sexy men falling into insta-love, having hot sex, dodging dangerous characters, all while having fun.

Sexy, brooding, Vincent finally gets his chance at love with the adorable Trevor. Vincent's family is convinced he is still involved in organized crime and his actions have done little to allay those suspicions. As the sparks fly between the two, Dimitri warns Trevor off of Vincent (regardless of the fact Dimitri was heavily involved in his own mob family not very long ago) but eventually Trevor can no longer resist even as Vincent pulls away. Still needing a push, Nana works her magic and gets the two alone together on the eve of Christopher and Kieran's wedding and things take off from there.

All the characters from previous books make an appearance and there are a few new ones, most notably River's younger brother Skye, who will be the subject of the next book. While for me this one lacked the emotional pull of Christopher and Hunter's books, I still had a great time with it and can't wait for the next one.