Nothing Special

Nothing Special - A.E. Via 3.5 stars

This book could have been close to a 5 star read for me. There was so much going for it that I liked, but a few things bothered me enough to bring my rating down.

Cash and Day are one of the hottest couples I have read in a long time. The chemistry, the banter, the growling possession alpha males do so well and the love between the two was all there. I would happily read about these two again. This is the second book I've read by Ms. Via and I have enjoyed her characters in both. She also knows how to write very steamy sex scenes. I'm not getting in to the argument about what should or shouldn't be disclosed in the blurb, but I had already had the "event" spoiled before going into the book and it is not an issue that concerns me when reading. With that caveat, I thought it was beyond hot and maybe since I knew it would happen I didn't find it out of line with the characters due to some of Day's and Cash's other comments throughout the story.

As far as plot lines go the story is really about Cash and Day's relationship with each other. They are both cops, but it is not a procedural. There is a big case they work on that is fairly easily resolved. The story involving Cash's family was a messy one, that seemed a overly complicated, but didn't diminish my enjoyment of the book.

What bothered me a lot was the editing. There were so many grammatical and spelling issues that it started to take me out of the narrative. I often found myself stopping to insert the correct word, then starting the sentence again. I enjoy the author's work, but hope in the future she will take advantage of some of the many people willing to beta or proof read the story.