This book had potential to be really good and check all my boxes, but in the end it felt rushed and at times, the relationship had me a bit uncomfortable.

It's no big surprise that I love broken, hurting boys in need of love and affection and if they are a bit submissive, all the better, and I found Jack to be just that. On the run from an abusive boyfriend with little more than just the clothes on his back, he is taken in by Sam, chief of police in a small town, who immediately feels protective of Jack and offers him a room in his house, a meal and time to recover. Jack is dominant in nature and while his intent is to protect Sam, I was uncomfortable with control he exerted when Sam was in such a vulnerable place. I thought the relationship went a bit too quickly, even though Sam makes it clear that he has felt safe with Jack since they met.

While I did really like both MC's, in the end it was all a bit rushed through to the HEA. While the abuse was never made light of, I just couldn't reconcile Sam jumping into things so quickly with a man who exerted such control over him so quickly.