My Brother's Lover (Twin Ties)

My Brother's Lover (Twin Ties) - Lynn Kelling I was going to dip my toe in the brocest pool but figured why not jump all the way in with some double twincest. I am so glad that I chose this book to start with. While the subject is taboo and could have been played strictly for titillation, Lynn Kelling has written a story that explores the characters with such depth and emotion, I could feel the deep need each of them had to be loved by the person that completes them, both physically and emotionally.

Identical twins Evan and Brennan were separated as babies and never knew the other existed until age 18. After caring for their mother until her death, Brennan moves into the home Evan shares with their father. Neither twin, nor apparently their parents, ever realized the toll the separation had taken on them both emotionally and physically. Evan had a difficult time as a young teenager, resulting in some very bad decisions that affected everyone who cared for him, including Brennan. Both Evan and Brennan feel an attraction to each other and while Brennan is out and open about his sexuality, Evan has been denying his for years. With their father working out of town, the two are left on their own to work out their new relationship.

At 25 years old, Aleksy and Luka, also identical twins, have a relationship that goes beyond the accepted societal boundaries of brotherly love. Neglected by their parents, Aleksy took it upon himself to look out for Luka, but one night fueled by drugs and other bad decisions changed their relationship. Since then Alek has been carrying the guilt of what he made his brother do, but also has been carrying on a sexual relationship with Luka that both men feel no shame in and desperately need.

Alek meets Evan one night at the bar he works at, while Brennan meets Luka at the gym. While navigating these new relationships, Evan and Brennan are also trying to come to terms with their growing feelings for each other and the realization that each needs the other to feel like a complete person. Alek and Luka are very open about the sexual nature of their relationship and truly hope to help Brennan and Evan sort through their feelings.

Each man is damaged and hurt and each character stands out as an individual. Their issues are not going to be easily solved and, by embarking on these relationships, are likely only to be complicated more. My heart especially broke for Evan who is so lonely and confused, and is really the focus of this group. Alek falls fast for him and has an almost obsessive need to protect and care for him. There is plenty of chemistry and heat between the men, and as the couples become threesomes and then a foursome the book ends on a hopeful note and what I would consider a HFN ending. Knowing what these men will face in the future, I am eagerly moving straight on to book 2.