You Can See Me

You Can See Me - A.E. Via I really enjoyed this hot menage. I thought the author dealt with Prescott's blindness very well. I cringed through the beginning when he was basically so starved for love and affection, he allowed himself to be used as a doormat.

When his hot new neighbor Dr. Rickson Edwards comes into his life, he sees Pres for the man beyond the disability. Pres messed around a bit with a frat brother in college, but considers himself straight until his feelings for Ric begin to change. Ric becomes his ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark world, but when things between them fall apart, and Ric refuses any further contact from Pres, a new man takes it upon himself to help Pres turn his life around. Blair and Pres have a great relationship and Ric feels the pain of seeing them together and realizing what he threw away. He also finds himself attracted to Blair. Just as Ric and Pres are trying to salvage their friendship, something happens that brings all three men together, and it is hot, hot, hot!

I would have liked to have been in on some of the conversations between Pres and Blair obviously had about getting Ric to join them, but other than that I liked the way the three men came together. It wasn't all smooth sailing, figuring out the dynamics of the threesome, but when it all worked out the men had some smoking chemistry. The turn in Pres from needy to dominating was something else. I could have done without some of the nicknames and thought Pres was a little to easy to forgive, but overall this book was a quick, fun and sexy read that really worked for me.