Perfect Imperfections

Perfect Imperfections - Cardeno C. 4.5 stars

I've read most of [a:Cardeno C.|4620386|Cardeno C.|]'s books and this is easily one of my favorites. I always know what to expect (chemistry, humor and sizzling sex scenes) but this had the added bonus of watching these two men build a friendship for a good part of the book before the sexual tension starts to build.

Reg, an accountant turned bartender looking for travel and adventure, jumps at the chance to act as "pretend boyfriend" and accompany Jeremy on his seven month tour. Jeremy, the sheltered and lonely rocker, is just looking for someone to enjoy his down time with who won't be looking to further themselves and only be happy on the red carpets. These two are so much fun to read as Reg becomes a PA of sorts, protecting Jeremy's privacy and Jeremy thrives under his care. Don't expect a typical rock star. Other than the occasional diva fit, Jeremy is only in it for the love of the music and prefers to spend his free time on the couch watching TV or subjecting himself to Reg's penchant for extreme sporting. With no angst and minimal drama, this is a feel good, light, GFY/OFY romance that pushed all my happy, sweet buttons.