Designs of Desire

Designs of Desire - Tempeste O'Riley 3.5 stars

First off the cover is just gorgeous! Reese Dante did a great job with it.

I loved James. He is an artist, living with a disability that has been exacerbated by an abusive ex. Seth is a wealthy CEO who falls for James almost immediately. James has trust issues for good reason, but agrees to dinner with Seth. Even with that background the two fall very fast into a relationship with light BDSM undertones. There were some time jumps and I did have some difficulty gauging how much time was passing in the relationship, but it did seem to go very quickly.

James' past is horrible between both his family and few exes. It was almost too much when all his past relationships are laid out to see how much he has suffered, and that also added a bit to my finding that the relationship progressed just too quickly. Seth also has a past that comes out of left field and changes everything for them. Luckily James has a best friend in Chase who is willing to stand up for him to anyone that might cause harm. I'm actually looking forward to reading Chase's story.

I enjoyed the characters, especially watching James come into his own, but the pacing was a bit disjointed for me and there was a little too much going on.