Love Lessons Learned

Love Lessons Learned - K.C. Wells 4.5 stars

Another new series by [a:K.C. Wells|6576876|K.C. Wells|] is off to a wonderful start. Spun off from the [b:Learning to Love|16141308|Learning to Love Michael & Sean (Learning to Love, #1)|K.C. Wells||21972799] series, Love Lessons Learned focuses on John Wainwright, a 24 year old man about to start his first teaching job. John was briefly introduced as Evan’s older brother in [b:Learning to Love: Evan & Daniel|17663037|Learning to Love Evan & Daniel (Learning to Love, #2)|K.C. Wells||24654735]. He was questioning his sexuality then and now has just come out to his brother, but realizes his job will require him to stay closeted. His ill-conceived kiss in that earlier book is also his only experience with a man to date. Brett Sanderson, 33 years old and head teacher at the school where John is working, is also in the closet as a result of work. Since a relationship isn’t in the cards for him, he spends his breaks in Brighton where each night is spent with a different man.

Both John and Brett are secretly lusting after each other and are under the impression the other is straight. After months of working together, and a little nudge from Evan and John’s housemates, the two men finally take a chance. Unfortunately each time they get close, Brett manages to handle the situation as poorly as possible and both their personal and professional relationships suffer.

Luckily for John, his three housemates are there to offer him unconditional support. Stu, Alec and Martin are all single, gay and more experienced than John. They offer advice, comfort, loyalty and a glimpse into their own romantic wants and experiences. Alec and Stu were fleshed out well, while Martin remains a bit more mysterious, but I am definitely looking forward to reading their stories in the upcoming series. Evan and Daniel and Josh and Chris also offer assistance, including a booze fueled party that allows John to let loose with one rather amazing party trick!

Brett’s support and guidance comes from Elliot, the owner of the hotel in Brighton that Brett has made his regular home away from home. Brett realizes his true feelings for John and feels a lot of guilt for his poor judgment, but just needs the right push to start to make things right. Add to the mix a potentially dangerous school parent, a vindictive co-worker and the potentially serious repercussions of having a relationship in the workplace and there is just enough drama and angst to keep the story moving.

The characters are all well written, with humorous dialog and plenty of emotion. John was so naïve and hopeful, I just wanted to give him a hug. While I understood Brett’s thinking, his poor communication and treatment of John managed to get me so angry, I wasn’t sure he would be able to redeem himself. The relationships between the housemates brought a smile to my face. Alec especially has won me over and I am most excited for his continued story. There is a lot of sexual tension in the buildup of John and Brett’s relationship and the sex scenes were hot and passionate. It was also great to briefly catch up with the boys of the Learning to Love series (if you haven’t read those books, this one works fine as a standalone). A great start to a new series.

An ARC of this book was kindly provided by the author.