When Love Comes to Town (Provincetown)

When Love Comes To Town (Provincetown #4) - Jacob Z. Flores It's no secret that I love the writings of Jacob Flores. This final installment of the Provincetown series was no exception.

This was a fun, no angst book starring Brody, who was introduced in book 3 as Teddy's arrogant, player ex-boyfriend. One year later, Brody has realized that he wants to find Mr. Right and is done with Mr. Right Now. Problem is Brody has a strict list of requirements and if you don't meet each and every one you are out the door. Eric, who is in town for his cousin Van's wedding is immediately off the list since he has a kid. It doesn't stop Brody from crushing on him as he takes them on a tour of P-town.

I enjoyed watching Eric and Brody bond, and I loved Eric's daughter, the wise beyond her years Maddie and her bond with Brody as well. Eric and Maddie are dealing with serious issues, but Brody brings out the best in them both, as they bring out the optimist in him. All the old characters are here with the backdrop of Van and Zach's wedding. There is humor and there is hot sex and lovely epilogue to tie the series up (although the books are all easily read as stand alone stories). A wonderful light read that will leave you with a smile.