Where the World Ends

Where the World Ends - Kade Boehme This was my first full length Kade Boehme book and I was not disappointed. The story of Will, the new white sheriff's deputy and Colin, a native american counselor who returned to his home after college to work with the children of the reservation, has a lot of emotion and some smoking hot sex scenes.

The characters were well written. Will is lost, lonely and hurting after being betrayed by his long term lover and leaving his job and home. Colin is caught between wanting to help the youth of the reservation and dealing with his father's over the top bigotry toward anyone who is white. Both men try to deny their attraction, knowing that a relationship would be dangerous as tensions between the sheriff's department and the people of Colin's tribe are on the rise with Deputy Will their latest target. When one night of sex to get it out of their systems turns into something more, it is tempered by the fact that underneath what they feel for each other, both men know that it is likely only a matter of time before things will turn ugly.

I enjoyed watching the relationship play out and really felt the tension underlying the story. There were some ugly parts, especially Colin's father and his blindness to what his attitude was doing to his family, but that only made me root more for the two men to pull it together.