Not Just Friends

Not Just Friends - Jay Northcote This was a really sweet coming out/coming of age story with good sexual tension, humor and the right amount of angst.

The men are starting university and among the five roommates are out and proud Max and Lewis, who just broke up with his girlfriend before starting school. It immediately becomes apparent that Lewis has a crush on Max, and thinking back over the last few years, perhaps this isn't the first boy crush he's had. While Lewis and Max become fast friends, Lewis becomes increasingly aware of Max's effect on him, but when they take a step in the direction of becoming more than just friends, Max suddenly puts the walls back up even though Lewis is ready for more.

I thought the author did a good job in making the story and the boys feel real. The two main characters and their friends and roommates were all very likable and I enjoyed all their interactions. Once I started reading, I just got pulled into their world and and enjoyed it thoroughly.