Don't... - Jack L. Pyke Re-read starting 5/8/14 Wonder if I'll warm up to Gray?
I think I even enjoyed it more the second time around when I took my time. I do have a greater appreciation for Gray and the way the relationships turned out, but I still don't like him for his whole handling of the situation. I liked Jan even more and what can I say about Jack besides that I so love him. Can't wait for Antidote next week.

4.5 stars

I could not put this down. Other reviews out there break down the story without giving much away. Enjoyed the many twists and turns. So much character driven emotion. It's dark and sexy (relying heavily on the BDSM theme), but there is so much more as we dive into the relationships between the three MC's and their individual layers. There are heart stopping moments, but at the same time moments where I felt myself tearing up.

I'm not sure how I feel about the end, but I really do need a sequel to explore where things could go.